1. The Catalan language
    Is Catalan a dialect of Spanish or French?
    How many people do speak Catalan?
    Are there dialects inside Catalan?
    Is it true that Catalan was banned by the fascists?
    Is Catalan still alive now?
    Do we speak to our children in Catalan?
    Is Catalan taught in schools?
    Is it possible to live in Catalonia without speaking Catalan?
    How is the Spanish government supporting Catalan?
    Is there any country in UN whose official language is Catalan?
    Is Catalan an official language of EU?
2. Catalonia and Spain
    Has Catalonia ever been an independent country?
    When and how did Catalonia became incorporated to Spain?
    How is it been like to be part of Spain?
    Is there a "French Catalonia"?
    Is there any racial difference between the people in Catalonia and the people in Spain?
    Why is Portugal an independent country now while Catalonia is not?
3. Freedom and nationalism
    Would the people in Catalonia like to become an independent country?
    Is nationalism evil?
    Is there now any organized armed group which fights for Catalan independence?
    Has Catalonia now some kind of self-government?

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