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I have a Spanish passport, I pay my taxes in Spain and I have the legal status of a Spanish citizen. Thus, when I define myself as a Catalan and when I insist in saying that I am not Spanish, the people who are not familiar with the country called Catalonia and its historical relationship with Spain ask for an explanation. In this way, when travelling to foreign countries I have been answering again and again the same questions: Questions about my language (which is not Spanish, but Catalan), about Catalan nationalism, about independence, about the feelings of my fellow citizens concerning Catalonia inside or outside Spain...

These questions have induced me to write a very elementary set of Answers to FAQ about Catalonia and I am publishing them here to the benefit of all who have ever been puzzled by someone who lives in what is labelled as "Spain" in the maps but keeps saying that s/he is not Spanish.

There are plenty of places where one can learn about the history of Catalonia, about the Catalan language and Catalan politics, including our long quest for freedom since we were occupied by the Spanish army on September 11th 1714. I do not want to display in this page any lengthy scholar digression or political pamphlet. My aims are much more humble: just a set of short and plain answers to the basic questions that have arisen when trying to explain where I do come from or what kind of tongue I do speak.

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