Jaume Aguadé's Answers

Scholars have considered three main dialects inside Catalan, but Catalan is quite uniform among its speakers.

The differences among Catalan dialects are rather small: just some minor changes in spelling and vocabulary and some variations in pronunciation which are more interesting to linguists than they are relevant in everyday life.

It should be noticed that stressing the differences between the local forms of the Catalan language has been (and it still is) a standard strategy of those (e.g. Spanish fascists and their heirs) who would like to see the Catalan language disappear.

While the Catalan and the Spanish Academies, as well as all reputable linguists have always seen the Catalan language as a unit, there are some politicians who claim the existence of up to three independent languages inside Catalan. This is ridiculous, but it seems that this nonsense serves well the Spanish strategy (which goes back to the 17th c.) of trying to cut Catalonia into pieces in order to make it weaker...